Crimp tools

Due to high tool cost, crimp connectors were normally only used in commercial applications. With the tools offered here crimp tools become affordable for the radio amateur as well...

  • Benefits of crimping:
  • fast results
  • simple to use
  • constant quality

Crimp Tools

crimp tool

Heavy duty ratchet crimp tool, tool can only be opened after complete closure. Can be used for crimp connection of center and shield.

Order No.
19051 Crimp tool for H-155, RG-58, RG-59, RG-174 (for connectors with stepped jacket) 27.40 € Buy now
19053 Crimp Tool for RG-316, RG-174, RG-178 (for connectors with cylindrical jacket) 31.90 € Buy now
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Crimp Tookits

Crimp toolkit with one crimp tool (ratchet), de-isolator tool and cable cutter. Comes in solid plastic box with foam plastic inlay.

Order No.
19061 Crimp Tool Kit for H-155, RG-58, RG-59, RG-174 41.50 € Buy now
19063 Crimp Tool Kit for RG-58, RG-59, 7mm cable 41.50 € Buy now
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Crimp Toolkit 'Universal'

Crimp Toolkit with five exchangeable split tools for most cable types, 2-level de-isolator and cable cutter.

Order No.
19065 Crimp Toolkit 'Universal' 93.30 € Buy now
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The following cable types can be used with the universal crimp tool kit:
  • RG-6
  • RG-8
  • RG-8x
  • RG-9
  • RG-11
  • RG-55
  • RG-58
  • RG-59
  • RG-62
  • RG-87a
  • RG-122
  • RG-140
  • RG-141
  • RG-142
  • RG-149
  • RG-165
  • RG-174
  • RG-178
  • RG-179
  • RG-180
  • RG-187
  • RG-188
  • RG-195
  • RG-210
  • RG-213
  • RG-214
  • RG-216
  • RG-223
  • RG-225
  • RG-303
  • RG-316
  • RG-393
  • RG-400
  • Belden 8279
  • Belden 8218
  • Belden 9913
  • H-155

De- Isolator

Tool for removal of insulation of coaxial cables. COmes with three knifes for stepped cutting of isolation, shield and dielectricum. Fine adjustment of knife postion possible.

Order No.
19055 for RG-58, RG-59 17.70 € Buy now
19056 for Cable diameters from 3.5 to 5 mm Ø 17.70 € Buy now
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Cable Cutter

Precision electronics cable cutter with hardened blades, rubber coated grips.

Order No.
19004 Cable Cutter 5.90 € Buy now
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Bend Protection RG-58

Bend protection for crimp connectors for cable type RG-58.

Order No.
42078 Cable Bend Protection RG-58 0.30 € Buy now
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