The Icom IC-7200 is a compact allmode HF/6m transceiver with IF DSP. That means that you never have to buy IF filters again. Just set the required bandwidth in the menu. The digital signal processor (DSP) is also responsible for an effective noise blanker, a manual notch filter (-70dB) and a useful noise reduction. Due to the integration of the DSP functions into the AGC loop distortions and blocking effects can be reduced at a large scale. For each mode three different AGC time constants can be set.

The transceiver is vary robust and made for outdoor use. It is not waterproof, but some drops of rain won't hurt the IC-7200. The double fan allows the powerful 100 W transmitter to transmit for longer periods without overheating.

In contrast to many other transceivers the IC-7200 has a USB connector. This USB connection does not only offer the usual CAT functions but carries the audio signals as well! So the IC-7200 acts like an external USB sound device for your computer, thus greatly helping the integration into a remote controlled station. Of course the traditional CI-V CAT control is also available.

Furthermore the IC-7200 offers many more useful functions like 200 memories, attenuator, VOX, RIT, a built in voice synthesizer, Twin passband Tuning and much more.

[1] Note: The handles shown in the picture are not included in shipment! Included in shipment is: Hand microphone HM-36, power supply cable, spare fuses, german and english user manual.

A complete english brochure is available here (open in a new browser window).

This radio is out of production. We show it here for orientation purposes and to show the still available accessories.

Accessories IC-7200

Order No.
MB-116 Handles (Set) 69.50 € Buy now
MB-117 Carrying Handle 13.90 € Buy now
MB-118 Mobile mounting bracket 32.50 € Buy now
AH-2B Mobile Whip Antenna 399.00 € Buy now
AH-4 HF/6m automatic antenna tuner (3,5-54 Mhz) 439.00 € Buy now
CT-17 CI-V level converter 99.00 € Buy now
HM-36 hand microphone 56.50 € Buy now
OPC-599 ACC adaptor cable (13polig auf 7/8-polig) 47.50 € Buy now
DC-CABLE-HF4 DC Cable 2.5m with fuses (similar OPC-1457) 21.90 € Buy now
42914.I-TUN Connector for 'Tuner' socket 9.50 € Buy now
WCS-7200 Programming Kit, for details see CAT-Interfaces 66.70 € Buy now
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Icom RS-BA1 Remote Control Software

This transceiver can be operated remotely over the internet or a local network, using the RS-BA1 software. Detailled information about RS-BA1 software.

Order No.
RS-BA1 Remote Control Software 79.90 € Buy now
RC-28 Remote Control Unit 215.00 € Buy now
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