Shortwave antennas / 6m

Worldwide radio traffic is still one of the mos texciting areas of ham radio. And the concepts and designs for antennas are nearly endless. Here you will find a large selection of HF antennas...

  • Beams - starting small and ending huge. A directional antenna is still king among the HF antennas. Whether monoband or multiband, here you wil lfind the most renowned manufacturers.
  • Verticals - an ideal companion to a beam, or a working all-purpose solution for restricted space. In a vacation often the only possibility.
  • Wire antennas - the classics, also if you have little space for antennas
  • Portable antennas - worldwide radio with small antennas, see here how
  • Mobile antennas - shortwave from your car, why not? It's fascinating and feasible with these antennas.
  • Magnetic Loops - a compact antenna with astonishing specs
  • CB - also on shortwave, license free and worldwide