Coaxial Connectors

Serie IPEX (aka U.FL®)

IPEX (U.FL®) Connector

IPEX-, aka U.FL®- connectors are use for many Routers and UMTS/3 g cards. 'U.FL'® is the registered trade mark of Hirose, IPEX is the generic name.

IPEX/U.FL® connectors require a very special crimp tool which usually is not available easily. So we offer only pre configured pigtails with these connectors.

We also offer custom made coaxial cables, please see here.

Pigtail, 1.37 mm cable with IPEX/U.FL® connector

40357.137 1.37 mm cable, 30cm, one side open 8.30 € Aggiungi al carello
  • For the 1.37 mm Cable we offer the following connectors:
  • N-jack flange mount (Art.Nr. 42210.137)
  • RP-TNC jack flange mount (Art.Nr. 42407.137REV)
  • SMA jack flange mount (Art.Nr. 42906.137)
  • RP-SMA jack flange mount (Art.Nr. 42906.137REV)

Pigtail RG-316 with IPEX/U.FL® connector

40357.316 RG-316 Kabel, 50cm, one side open 15.40 € Aggiungi al carello

IPEX/U.FL® PCB socket

42965 for soldering to a PCB, not for cable mount 5.50 € Aggiungi al carello

Ready to use Pigtails with IPEX/U.FL®

Pigtail IPEX/U.FL®

40350.SF 20cm, IPEX/SMA jack, flange mount 14.00 € Aggiungi al carello
40350.SFR 30cm, IPEX/RP-SMA jack, flange mount 15.20 € Aggiungi al carello
40350.SFR-10 10cm, IPEX/RP-SMA jack, flange mount 11.20 € Aggiungi al carello
40350.SFR-X 10cm, IPEX/RP-SMA jack, flange mount, con anello di guarnizione 16.30 € Aggiungi al carello
40350.SM 30cm, IPEX/SMA plug 15.20 € Aggiungi al carello
40350.SM-15 15cm, IPEX/SMA plug 8.10 € Aggiungi al carello
40350.SM316 30cm, IPEX/SMA plug, RG-316 9.80 € Aggiungi al carello
40350.TF 30cm, IPEX/TNC jack, flange mount 10.56 € Aggiungi al carello
40350.TFR 30cm, IPEX/RP-TNC jack, flange mount 16.70 € Aggiungi al carello
40355 10cm, IPEX/IPEX Patch cable 7.70 € Aggiungi al carello