Antennas for M2M Applications (Machine-to-Machine Communication)

Antennas for industrial applications, mostly used for machine-t-amchine communication. This allows the automation of processes, for example when a robot signals the progress at work, or a machine can warn when the fill level for raw materials or goods gets below a certain level.

These machine antennas are usualy characterized by supporting multiple radio frequency bands. This greatly simplifies the logistics, because you can use this antenna in any location, no matter which network is available. Further these M2M antennas are weatherproof in most cases, usable in a wide temperature range and can be installed tamper-proof. So most of these antennas can be used indoors or outdoors, even in public spaces.

Übersicht Frequenzbereiche M2M Antennen WiMo
Gamma di frequenze
~ MHz
UHF Ham Wifi
62018 Omni, KFZ-Einbau
62058 Omni
60059 Omni
60059.801 Omni, IP65
60059.902 Omni, IP44
60059 Omni, IP67
60040 Nuovo Omni, slimline, IP67
18775.1727 2xMIMO, Omni
18609.2 Omni, IP65
18775.2455 3xMIMO, Omni
18609.2.DUAL Omni, IP65

Smarteq Antennas

Besides the components and antennas shown above (radiators, fixed and magnet bases) Smarteq also offers a selection of antennas complete for fixed installation. These antennas usually do not have an M6 thread and can not be used with the components shown above. The antennas are black, weatherproof and UV resistant.

Base 2000XL (WiMo 62018):
Antenna for fixed installation in a vehicle, equipment rack or a machine. Very small and weatherproof. Screw-on omnidirectional antenna radiator for the frequency ranges GSM900, GSM1800 and UMTS/3G. Versatile antenna for data modems - no matter which network you use, this antenna covers all. Incl. 5m cable with FME female connector.

Smartdisc (WiMo ref. 62058):
Flat and unobtrusive antenna for machines, displays, advertising, installation racks, vending machines and much more. The "SmartDisc" antenna covers a wide frequency range for mobile phones (GSM, UMTS/3G, LTE, DECT) and RFID applications (868MHz). This makes it an ideal antenna for M2M communications indoors and outdoors. When installed the antenna has a protection class of IP67. The wide temperature range from -40 to +85 °C allows the use of this antenna in harsh environments where other products fail (cool storage, isolated vehicles etc.). Installation is very easy with a central shaft, which acts also as the the cable feed to the inside. With the low profile of just 26 mm height the product is barely recognizable as an antenna when installed at at suitable place. The antenan is supplied with a 2.5m long cable with SMA connector. Other lengths and installation methods are available on request.

Alldisc (WiMo 62059):
Like Smartdisc, but with an even larger frequency range including thelower LTE Band 20 at 800 MHz. This makes this machne antenna really suitable for all bands which are standardized in Europe, including RFID, DECT and UMTS/3G. The antenna is slightly larger in diameter and higher than the Smartdisc above. A rubber gasket on the outside of the antenna provides a seal against water, the center neck is sealed with and adhesive tape on the outside.

Smarteq Antennas
Smarteq Base 2000XL Smarteq Base 2000XL

Ordine No. 62018 62058 62059
Smarteq Ordine No. 8778 707128 710259
Gamma di frequenze [MHz] 450–2500 868/900/1800/1900/2100/2600 800/868/900/1800/1900/2100/2600
Impedanza 50 Ω 50 Ω 50 Ω
Uso GSM900, GSM1800, UMTS/3G 868 RFID, GSM900, GSM1800, UMTS/3G, LTE Band 3 & 7 868 RFID, GSM900, GSM1800, UMTS/3G, LTE Band 3, 7 & 20
Misura 31 mm Ø, 25 mm hoch 95 mm Ø, 32 mm hoch 130 mm Ø, 55 mm hoch
Drill hole Ø 14 – 19mm 19mm 19mm
Lunghezza del radiator 50mm - -
Connettore 5m RG-58 FME female 2.5m RG-316 SMA male 0.5m RG-316 SMA male
Potenza mass. 20 W 10 W 10 W
Campo di temperatura -40 – +85 °C -40 – +85 °C
Prezzo 34.50 € 45.00 € 45.00 €
Ordine No.
62018 Smarteq Fixed Antenna GSM900/1800/UMTS/3G, FME 34.50 € Aggiungi al carello In magazzino, spedizione in 1 o 2 giorni.
62058 Smarteq Smartdisc 868/GSM900/1800/UMTS/3G/LTE, SMA 45.00 € Aggiungi al carello In magazzino, spedizione in 1 o 2 giorni.
62059 Smarteq Alldisc 800/868/GSM900/1800/UMTS/3G/LTE, SMA 45.00 € Aggiungi al carello Nuovo In magazzino, spedizione in 3 o 4 giorni.
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Download: Scheda tecnica Smarteq SmartDisc (62058) (PDF, EN, 700 KB)
Download: Scheda tecnica Smarteq AllDDisc (62059) (PDF, EN, 200 KB)

Wideband OmniDirectional Antenna OMNI-275

OMNI-275 OMNI-275

The OMNI-275 omnidirectional antenna is suitable for a large number of mobile radio applications. Among others it also covers the UHF range at 450 MHz, which is used in some regions of Europe for mobile data communications. The other frequencies covered by this antenna are 2G, 3G and 4G as well as Wifi at 2.4 GHz. The maximum gain is at 7 dBi. The antenna is weathreproof and suitable for outdoor use. It comes with a mounting bracket for wall or mast mounting.

Ordine No.
60059 OMNI-275 Omni Directional Antenna 129.00 € Aggiungi al carello Nuovo In magazzino, spedizione in 1 o 2 giorni.
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LP-801/LP-902: Antenne piatte per installazione non intrusive su superfici piane.


Antenne piatte per installazione non intrusive su superfici piane. Nessuna sporgenza, costruzione molto robusta. Le antenne lavorano indipendentemente da piani di massa esterni e possono essere installate su ogni tipo di materiale. Sono a tenuta d'acqua e vengono fornite con un cavo intestato con connettore SMA.


Due modelli disponibili: LP-801 è per esterni ed offre protezione classe IP65 (quando installata). LP-902 va installata dal retro ed è a prova di manomissione. Questa antenna offre protezione classe IP44 (quando installata).

  • Gamma di frequenza LP-801: 790-960/1710-2450 MHz
  • Gamma di frequenza LP-902: 868-960/1710-2450 MHz
  • Guadagno: 2,15/4,15 dBi
  • Potenza max.: 10 Watt
  • Polarizzazione: lineare
  • Materiale: ABS
  • Connettore: SMA
Ordine No.
60059.801 LP-801, Cavo 1,5m, SMA connettore 39.50 € Aggiungi al carello In magazzino, spedizione in 1 o 2 giorni.
60059.902 LP-902, Cavo 1m, SMA connettore 39.50 € Aggiungi al carello In magazzino, spedizione in 1 o 2 giorni.
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Download: LP-901/902 Datasheet (PDF, EN, 490KB)

Slimline Omnidirectional antenna for cabinets 2G/3G/4G Nuovo

DASH-1 Antenna

The 'DASH-1' is a very slim and unobtrusive antenna, suitable for installation on electrical cabinets, walls, displays, terminals, kiosks and all device which require a reliable data communication. Due to it's low profile the antenna is hard to identify as such and is therefore protected against manipulation. The wide frequency range makes this antenna useable for most data modems and GSM radio modules on LTE (690, 800, 1900 and 2600 MHz), GSM (900 and 1800), DECT, UMTS and even WLAN (2.4 GHz).

The installation of teh DASH-1 antenna is straight forward and very simple. A central hole take up the peg and serves as feedthrough for the antenna cable. The body of the antenna is fixed with dual sided sticky tape to the installation surface, the sticky tape is included in the shipment. The antenna is weather proof and rated as IP67 against water and dust ingress. The connecting cable is 1m long, the connector is a SMA male type. The gain of teh DASH-1 is 1 to 4 dBi, depending on the frequency range. The radiation characteristic is omnidirectional.

Ordine No.
60040 DASH-1 Slimline Omni Antenna A-0280-02 23.50 € Aggiungi al carello In magazzino, spedizione in 1 o 2 giorni.
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2-way MIMO Panel-mount antenna GSM/LTE

18775.1727 2x MIMO Antenne 1700-2700 MHz

Many radio systems like LTE use 2-way MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple Output) to achieve a better throughput and better robustness of the signal. But also professional DECT telephone systems or GSM modems more and more use two antenna connections for diversity reception, which helps to extend the range.

THe 18775.1727 machine antenna has two antenna systems with linear polarization built in, and also two separate antenna cables with SMA connector. The frequency range of this antenna is suitable for LTE bands 3 and 7, for DECT, GSM-1800 (DCS) and Wifi at 2.4 GHz (802.11b/g/n). The solid construction of the antenna makes it well suitable for installation on machines, equipment racks, suspended ceilings and much more.

Ordine No.
18775.1727 M2M GSM/LTE antenna, 2-way MIMO, 1700-2700 MHz 58.00 € Aggiungi al carello In magazzino, spedizione in 1 o 2 giorni.
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3-way MIMO/Dual band Panel Mount antenna Wifi

18775.2455 2.4/5GHz Wifi MIMO Antenna

Rugged machine antenna for both Wifi bands 2.4 (802.11b/g/n) and 5 GHz (802.11a/n) with omnidirectional radiation characteristics. Three separate internal antenna systems with linear polarization make this antenna a prfect match for clients, accesspoints or routers with three dualband antenna sockets. This antenna can be installed on machines, data terminals (Kiosk), equipment racks, suspended ceilings etc. The installation is very simple because just one drill hole is required. Cable length 3x 1m with RP-SMA connector.

Ordine No.
18775.2455 M2M Wifi Antenna, 3-way MIMO, Dualband 74.00 € Aggiungi al carello In magazzino, spedizione in 1 o 2 giorni.
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Mini Antennas IP65 for 2.4 GHz and Dual band 2.4 + 5 GHz

Mini Antennas WLAN/ISM

Miniature equipment and machine antennas, well suitable for machine to machine (M2M) communication on 2.4 and/or 5GHz wifi and ISM bands. Very robust construction, weatherproof, protection category IP65 (dust tight, water jets). The antenna have a very simple to use one-hole mount, the 30cm long cable is fed to the interior though this hole. The mounting surface can be of any material (metal, plastic wood). The protruding height of the antenna ranges from 13 to 22mm, depending on model, the diameter is 22mm. The antenna has 30cm teflon cable attached, the connector is Reverse-SMA.

Ordine No.
18609.0 Mini Antenna 2.4GHz, IP65, 0 dBi, 30cm cable, RP-SMA 15.00 € Aggiungi al carello In magazzino, spedizione in 1 o 2 giorni.
18609.2 Mini Antenna 2.4GHz, IP65, 2 dBi, 30cm cable, RP-SMA 16.30 € Aggiungi al carello In magazzino, spedizione in 1 o 2 giorni.
18609.2.DUAL Mini Antenna 2.4/5GHz, IP65, 2 dBi, 30cm cable, RP-SMA 16.70 € Aggiungi al carello Non in magazzino, di nuovo disponibile: 13. set. 2019
18609.X01 Plastic nut, spare part, black 1.15 € Aggiungi al carello In magazzino, spedizione in 1 o 2 giorni.
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