Single-Op, Two-Radio Controller

For the demanding radio amateur and contester the 'Single-Op, Two-Radio' mode becomes ever more important. Here we show some controller which support this twist of our hobby.

Overview microHAM Station Controller

Universal controller for two radios. The microHAM device with the most fucntions! Ideal for contest operation with two radios at the same time (SO2R) or for everybody who wishes to control two (even different) radios at the same time. Supports all modes: Phone, CW, digital modes. The microKEYER-2R+ has an internal sound card integrated, the microKEYER-2R uses the built-in sound card of your computer.
microHAM u2R
The microHam Micro-R station controller is intended for all radio amateurs with two radios and any soundcard interface. Despite the many functions the microHAM u2R is easy to install and operate. The provided functions are for example manual or automatic switching of microphone, headphone, CW key and PTT to each radio, control of a band (antenna) switch and much more. Piu...